Small Section Of Conveyor

We make no compromise in the quality of logistic sorting line. We assure of our best service to customers.

Belt Conveyors are at the very essence of material handling. A high-performance conveyor system is an essential piece of equipment for many industries.

Small section of Conveyor is often used in conjunction with automatic packaging systems, to retrieve bags from the bagger and deposit them into other higher peripheral systems such as linear sorter or ring sorter.

Modern logistic sorting machine technology improves sorting efficiency. Compared with the traditional manual sorting method, the sorting efficiency can be increased by more than 5 times. Perfectly realize the centralized sorting and processing of goods, reduce staff and increase efficiency, improve the operation efficiency of goods processing and improve the operation efficiency and economic benefits of the entire network of each company.
Realize the combination of equipment automation and informatization, compared with the traditional manual sorting method, reduce labor costs by more than 50%, effectively improve the accuracy and automation of goods sorting, and realize the integration of logistics and information flow. To meet the growing business needs of express companies.

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